Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In the article "The End of Books? (For Me, At Least?)" Will Richardson explained that he loved books, but he had recently discovered an application on his new ipad that may have changed everything for him. He used an app by the name of kindle which allows you to read digital books on your itouch, iphone, or ipad. He was at first skeptical because he loved to make notes and mark up the books he read. The issue was that he could not figure out how to make digital notes. He then made a twitter post looking for some help and discovered that there is a way to mark up your books digitally using an Amazon account. This matters to me because I am not a huge reader and with all these new advancements, reading may become more entertaining. This is important to my school because this can help save them time and money and also paper by using these new technologies. Do you think these advancements will help our world improve?

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