Sunday, November 29, 2009


In the article "It Was Amazing" Mr. Fisch talked about how Kristin Leclaire, a 10th grade teacher, has her classes read "The Kite Runner" Every year. But this year Rob Dodson, a milatary officer stationed in Afghanistan, contacted her. She asked if he could come in and talk to her classes. He said he would do it. So he came in and spoke to them. It had a huge affect on them and Mrs. Leclaire says that if you ask anyone in her class they will enthusiasticly say it was amazing!


In the article "Giving More Than Thanks" Mr. Fisch explained something that he did this year and last year. He explained that this time of year is the time to celebrate hollidays and a time to give and to give thanks. So Mr. Fisch decided to donate $25 to an entrepreneur but he also purchased two $25 gift cards and gave them to two members of his PLN. He then incouraged then to give those gift cards to an entrepenuer of their choice and to purchase two $25 gift cards of there own and give them to two members of their PLN.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


In “Wonder Women gone Country 09-10" Smith explained how her English nine honors class gets a set of new SAT preparatory vocabulary words every week. And with these words they come up with things like bumper stickers or pickup lines. This is all part of helping them learn the words which they are expected to know by the end of each week. But Smith explained that the most exciting idea yet was a Wonder Women Country song. She said that they had a little bit of time to figure out the lyrics and then practice the song. Then they had to record the songs for her. What do you think are some affective ways of learning vocabulary words?


In "Neither Snow nor Rain nor....tonsils" Mr. Fisch explained how Mrs. Moritz daughter had just had her tonsils removed. Mrs. Moritz, being the good mom she is, decided that she needed to stay home with her daughter during this ruff time. But also being the good teacher she is, she knew she needed to see what her class was doing and how everything was coming along at school. So she scheduled her class to do a fischbowl with live blogging over Fahrenheit 451.So she participated in the blog and also she used a Skype to view the class to make sure everything was going well. Do you think this is an effective tool to use for when a teacher or even a student is absent

Monday, November 2, 2009


In Mr. Fisch's article "Anne Smith- One of Twenty to Watch" he explained that our extremely talented teacher Smith has been honored by The National School Boards Association’s Technology Leadership Network (TLN) as a part of the annual "20 to Watch" list. The TLN explained that she gives her students the opportunity to demonstrate their thinking and sets the expectations of her students very high. They explained that her technology sets these expectations high. They also explained that these high expectations are indicative of her leadership. Congrats Smith!


In the article "Did I Say That" David Warlick explained that he came upon an article that explained that teachers are not good unless they understand how to use technology. The thing is that his name was all over this article. He explained that he did say that teachers are better when they can use technology but he didn’t think it made them a bad teacher. Do you think it makes a teacher better if they know how to use technology?