Thursday, November 5, 2009


In "Neither Snow nor Rain nor....tonsils" Mr. Fisch explained how Mrs. Moritz daughter had just had her tonsils removed. Mrs. Moritz, being the good mom she is, decided that she needed to stay home with her daughter during this ruff time. But also being the good teacher she is, she knew she needed to see what her class was doing and how everything was coming along at school. So she scheduled her class to do a fischbowl with live blogging over Fahrenheit 451.So she participated in the blog and also she used a Skype to view the class to make sure everything was going well. Do you think this is an effective tool to use for when a teacher or even a student is absent


  1. I believe that technology is indeed presenting us with unique and convienient ways to adapt to certain situations. What do you think of the situation in the point of view of a student? Would you appreciate a teacher doing this?

  2. I think Skype and blogging can be great tools to keep in touch with a classroom. The only thing that would concern me would be the obedience of my students. It could work if she had a very obedient and mature class, but what if she didn't? What if students didn't pay attention to her and did what they wanted? How could that be handled? Any suggestions?