Sunday, November 29, 2009


In the article "It Was Amazing" Mr. Fisch talked about how Kristin Leclaire, a 10th grade teacher, has her classes read "The Kite Runner" Every year. But this year Rob Dodson, a milatary officer stationed in Afghanistan, contacted her. She asked if he could come in and talk to her classes. He said he would do it. So he came in and spoke to them. It had a huge affect on them and Mrs. Leclaire says that if you ask anyone in her class they will enthusiasticly say it was amazing!

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  1. I bet this would have an outstanding impact on this class, especially if they were in the middle of, or just finished reading "The Kite Runner." I never read the whole book, but I read excerpts from it in Grade 12. I would love to hear someone speak of their experiences in Afghanistan and see what they are actually doing, other than what the media is portraying (fighting and deaths). How does this affect you as a student/civilian Matt?