Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In “National day on writing” Karl Fisch explained that today is the first and hopefully annual National Day of Writing. He then went on to explain that one of the smartest people he knows, Kylene Beers, has decided to create her own blog. Mr. Fisch explained that Kylene is very good with reading and writing and she always does very thoughtful work when writing. Kylene explained in one of her blogs that blogging does not come naturally for her. Mr. Fisch agreed and said that blogging most definitely did not come naturally to him and that it does not come naturally to most people. He then explained that blogging is very good though. He explained that it allows for a chance to interact and to talk and compare and discuss issues with others. So my question is, do you think blogging comes natural to you?

Monday, October 19, 2009


In the article “Our Googley Advice” Mr. Peter Drucker, a management guru at Google, explained what companies are looking for in an employee. He explained that he looks for many factors, but he primarily looks for 5 things. He looks for analytical reasoning. This means that if a problem or issue arose, a person should be able to reason with what that person knows instead of what they think they know. Next he looks for communication skills. This means that the information a person receives is useless unless they can communicate their conclusions. Next Drucker looks for willingness to experiment. This means a person should be willing to experiment their theories and except the evidence even if it’s not what you wanted. Drucker also looks for team players. He wants people who will work together and perform together very well. Finally Drucker looks for someone who has passion and leadership. He wants a person to be motivated by a sense of importance about what you do. So in conclusion, Ducker looks for many different qualities in a person but to him these are the most important. What do you think are some qualities someone should have to be successful?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


In the article “Rigor Redefined” Tony Wagner explained about how he went to many different people to find out what most companies look for in hiring young employees. He explained that a student needs to learn seven survival skills to make it in life. First and foremost he explained that a student should have critical thinking and problem solving. This means that a student needs to always be thinking about how they can improve their company’s products or services. A student also needs to learn how to ask the right questions. Nest Wagner explained that a student should learn collaboration and leadership. Christie Pedra, a CEO of Siemens, explained that teamwork is no longer just about working well with the people in your building but rather working well with everybody that you work with all around the world. Mike Summers, senior vice president for global technology at Dell, explained that students just out of school lack leadership skills. He says that they lack the ability to influence. Next Wagner explained that students should learn agility and adaptability. He explained that most jobs today will not be around tomorrow so adaptability is very important. The 4th skill that Wagner explained is Initiative and entrepreneurialism. This means a student needs to at least try to do something. Even if you do not think you know how, doing it and failing is better then not trying at all. Next Wagner explained that a student needs to be able to effectively communicate orally and by writing. This means that a student needs to learn to communicate his information. The information you collect is useless unless you can communicate it. Accessing and analyzing information is the next skill Wagner describes. He explained that 21st century employees have to manage a lot of information daily and that a student needs to learn how to process this information correctly. Finally Wagner explains that students should learn curiosity and imagination. He explained that the people have learned to ask great questions are moving up in our environment quickly because they solve the biggest problems. So in conclusion, Wagner researched and found that these are the seven most important skills that a student should have. What are some important skills you think are important to be successful

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Typing on a keyboard rather than writing with a pen has made me a different writer. It has improved my writing because when I type I can check my spelling and grammar. Also typing helps me think about what I am writing because I have to write slower and I have to think about what I am typing rather than just rushing through it. So in conclusion, typing on a computer has made me a slower but better writer.