Monday, October 19, 2009


In the article “Our Googley Advice” Mr. Peter Drucker, a management guru at Google, explained what companies are looking for in an employee. He explained that he looks for many factors, but he primarily looks for 5 things. He looks for analytical reasoning. This means that if a problem or issue arose, a person should be able to reason with what that person knows instead of what they think they know. Next he looks for communication skills. This means that the information a person receives is useless unless they can communicate their conclusions. Next Drucker looks for willingness to experiment. This means a person should be willing to experiment their theories and except the evidence even if it’s not what you wanted. Drucker also looks for team players. He wants people who will work together and perform together very well. Finally Drucker looks for someone who has passion and leadership. He wants a person to be motivated by a sense of importance about what you do. So in conclusion, Ducker looks for many different qualities in a person but to him these are the most important. What do you think are some qualities someone should have to be successful?

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