Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In “National day on writing” Karl Fisch explained that today is the first and hopefully annual National Day of Writing. He then went on to explain that one of the smartest people he knows, Kylene Beers, has decided to create her own blog. Mr. Fisch explained that Kylene is very good with reading and writing and she always does very thoughtful work when writing. Kylene explained in one of her blogs that blogging does not come naturally for her. Mr. Fisch agreed and said that blogging most definitely did not come naturally to him and that it does not come naturally to most people. He then explained that blogging is very good though. He explained that it allows for a chance to interact and to talk and compare and discuss issues with others. So my question is, do you think blogging comes natural to you?


  1. Blogging is sharing information. It really all depends on what you have to share. If you have a lot of resources and a desire to share things to the world, then I believe that blogging should come naturally to you. As you said, blogging is excellent because it allows interaction, but more importantly, it subjects your work to positive criticism.

  2. Blogging doesn't really come natural to me unless I'm really passionate about the topic. Like Dan said, blogging "subjects your work to positive criticism". This is very true. It allows others to point out things on the topic that you never realized yourself. What about you? Do you think blogging comes natural?