Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the article "Interstate reopens near Springs after crash" The Denver Post" explained that there was a car crash at about 10:30 this moring and that the highway was closed but then reopened just before 11:30 this morning. The cause of the accident and the number of vehicles involved is still unknown. What do you think may have caused this crash?


In the article "Five hurt, one arrested in Grand Junction shootings" Tom Mcghee from the Denver Post explained that 5 people were wounded after a shooting early on the morning of December 13. He also stated that the police have a suspect in custody. Acording to the police, this shooting was not random. What do you think might have caused this shooting?

PLN 25

In the article "Denver police shoot, kill man after reports of gunfire in residential area" Tom Mcghee from The Denver Post explained that early on the morning of December 13, Denver police shot and killed a man who the police claimed was firing shots while walking along a resedntial street. The man has not been identified and it is unclear if he was exchanging shots with the officers. The only known information of the suspect is that he was a hispanic male and was wearing dark clothes. Do you think it was okay for the police officers to have shot and killed the man, even if he was not exchanging shots with them?


In the article "Tiger Zoo" Bill Simmons explained the Tiger Woods situation. He explained that tiger was in a car accident at 2:30 A.M. on December 3rd. He explained that Tiger was backing out of his driveway and he hit a tree. He then explained that Woods wife smashed all the windows out to save him and pull him out of the car. Some critics believe that she did this for other reasons. Many critics also claim that Woods may have had to much to drink, or taken some kind of pain killers and that is why he crashed. What do you think caused Tiger's car crash?